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TTGO - a good brand of bicycle leisure sports solutions originated from Germany. Its core business is the research and development, production and sales of leisure sports bicycles and related riding equipment supplies; Provide systematic cycling sports solutions, guide the target group to recognize and accept the TTGO lifestyle advocated by the TTGO brand; so as to achieve the social benefit goals and economic benefit goals set by TTGO operators.


Since the birth of TTGO bicycles, TTGO headquarters has continued to implement the global product research and development plan based on Germany, and the brand image of bicycle manufacturing experts has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It has formed a complete product system including mountain bikes, folding bikes, station wagons, road bikes, children's bikes, etc., laying a solid product foundation for the global strategic layout. At the same time, TTGO has reached long-term strategic alliances with major global famous cycling equipment suppliers, greatly enriching the product line of TTGO brand stores, and providing bicycle enthusiasts with meticulous services from personal equipment to body equipment.

2010年,TTGO专线开工建设。 TTGO专线具备世界好的水准,喷涂及整装设备处于世界好的水平,生产一线员工全部接受TTGO工程师全面培训,严格按照TTGO原厂的工艺要求生产。预计到2012年底,TTGO品牌6系以下产品将全部实现中国本土化生产。

In 2010, the construction of TTGO special line started. The TTGO special line has the world's best level, and the spraying and assembly equipment is at the world's best level. The production front-line employees all receive comprehensive training from TTGO engineers and strictly follow the process requirements of the original TTGO factory. It is estimated that by the end of 2012, all products under TTGO brand series 6 will be produced locally in China.