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Recently, Eurobike has announced that it will be held at the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Center in Germany from September 1st to 4th, and has formulated strict exhibition safety and hygiene regulations.


Last year's show was canceled due to global concerns about the new crown epidemic. As the COVID-19 situation recedes further, trade fairs and events will be allowed as long as the following measures are followed.


Persons exhibiting typical symptoms of coronavirus infection are not permitted to enter the exhibition grounds. People who have been in contact with, are or have been in contact with, and were in contact with an infected person more than 14 days ago will also not be admitted. Only those who have been tested, vaccinated or recovered within 24 hours will be allowed in. Those who have been vaccinated or recovered must show their proof upon entry. There will be no on-site COVID-19 testing.


All visitors must make an appointment and register in advance through the online ticket shop. During the registration process, you will be asked about your expected status when exhibiting: testing, vaccination completion or recovery (on-site proof required).


The free Messe-Express (MX line) will connect the port with the central train station and exhibition grounds. Masks are required at all times.

免费的 Messe-Express(MX 线)将连接港口和中心的火车站与展览场地。需要全程戴口罩。

Masks are mandatory in the exhibit halls and you must bring your own surgical grade FFP2 masks - equivalent to N95, KN95 and P2 standards. Masks must be worn in closed rooms on the exhibition grounds. The following exceptions apply: booths where social distancing of at least 5 feet can be ensured between individuals; seating with a guaranteed minimum separation of 5 feet; where other alternative protections of at least an equivalent standard are ensured.

在展厅内必须佩戴口罩,并且您必须自备手术级 FFP2 口罩—— 相当于 N95、  KN95 和 P2标准。在展览场地的封闭房间内,必须佩戴口罩。以下例外情况适用:可以确保个人之间至少保持5英尺社交距离的展台;座位的保证最小间距为5英尺(约1.52米);在确保至少具有同等标准的其他替代保护的情况下。

All exhibitors and visitors are required to maintain a social distance of at least 5 feet. Due to the large size of the hall, means of transport and exhibition areas, Eurobike will facilitate a greater space for activities in the hall to guarantee the necessary minimum distances.


There will be multiple sanitizer dispensers throughout the exhibition center, mainly in areas such as entrances, hall intersections and restrooms. Disinfection and cleaning intervals for frequently touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, handles, and surfaces in sanitary areas, will be reduced. Eurobike asks that customary greeting rituals such as shaking hands be avoided.

整个展览中心将配有多个消毒剂分配器,主要是在入口、大厅交叉点和洗手间等区域。经常接触的表面(例如门把手、把手和卫生区域的表面)的消毒和清洁间隔将缩短。Eurobike 要求避免握手等习惯性的问候仪式礼节。

Entrance areas, showrooms, conference rooms and dining areas will receive plenty of outdoor quality fresh air. Additionally, the showroom has a 74-foot ceiling height to ensure adequate circulation.


Restaurants and catering partners in Friedrichshafen have adapted their service concepts to the current situation and will be guided by the state.